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Frequently asked questions about Ordering & Delivery

Q. Where can I buy your products?
A. Our products are currently available in Singapore, either at our store in East Coast, from our pick-up partners in various locations, or via our online shop. Click here for more information.

Q. What is the minimum order for online orders?
A. Our minimum order for delivery is $31.00 with a $10.00 delivery fee. For orders $58.00 and above, delivery is free. We delivery island-wide including Sentosa (with a $5 delivery surcharge).

Q. How soon can I get my orders?
A. If you order before 3pm, you can receive your order on the same day, between 6pm and 8pm. For orders after 3pm, you can receive them the next morning or afternoon.

Please take note, the above schedule is subject to available time slots. We deliver every day except Wednesdays, Public Holidays and on Sunday evenings.

Q. If I go to the store, do I need to call you in advance?

A. You may walk-in to our store anytime during opening hours, without calling. We have ready stock for our products.


However, for large orders especially goat milk kefir, please call us so that we can reserve for you. Also, as we brew our kombucha in small batches over 2 weeks, certain flavours may be unavailable temporarily. If you would like a particular flavour, do call in advance to check on our stock.

Q. Do your pickup partners carry all your products?

A. No, our pickup partners usually only carry milk kefir. However, you can contact them directly to pre-order water kefir or kombucha, and they will arrange the pickup timing with you (following their next scheduled stock refresh).

Q. Do you sell kefir grains?

A. No, we sell only ready to drink kefir and kefir products like kefir yogurt parfaits, kefir soft serve and kefir-baked scones. If you are looking for kefir grains in Singapore, you may wish to try this Facebook group called Kefir Grains Blessing SG where people share their extra grains.

Q. If I buy your products at the store, how long can I keep it outside?

A. Milk kefir and water kefir should be refrigerated within 1 hour, especially in hot weather. If you are not going straight back, we recommend to pack in our cooler bags, which will keep the product cold for 2-3 hours ($0.50 per bag, or it comes free if you purchase 5x320ml milk kefir bottles or 2x850ml milk kefir bottles).

For kombucha, you do not need to chill it during your journey home but it is recommended to refrigerate as soon as you reach home to slow down the fermentation as the drink will become more sour.

Q. Can I return or reuse the bottles?

A. Yes, if you bring your clean kombucha and water kefir bottles back to our store at East Coast, we will refund $0.50 per bottle. Please take note that we reserve the right to reject dirty bottles for food safety purpose.

For the plastic milk kefir bottles, we do not recycle and you may dispose of them. If you would like to reduce plastic waste, we encourage you to bring your own glass bottle which we will top up with milk kefir. If you do not have a glass bottle, you can purchase an 800ml bottle from us for $2.00 (subject to availability). You may get the same bottles from Daiso. It is recommended to use a glass bottle with plastic lid, as the kefir may react with metal.

For food safety purposes, we do not take back any used milk kefir glass bottles.

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