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Q. What is water kefir?
A. Water kefir is a slightly sweet, slightly sour fermented beverage. Its origins are rumoured to be from Mexico or Tibet. It is a non-dairy alternative to milk kefir and makes a mild refreshing drink similar to a light apple cider vinegar. It is naturally fizzy and can be taken as a healthy soda substitute.

Q. What is kefir made from?
A. Water kefir is made from sugar and fermented with water kefir grains for 1-2 days, after which is it common to flavor with fresh or dried fruit. Compared with milk kefir, water kefir contains 10-15 strains of bacteria and yeasts. Our water kefir is made from a mix of organic cane sugar and organic figs.

Q. How much sugar is in water kefir? Can you make it without sugar?
A. Water kefir starts with 6% sugar but about a third is eaten up by the fermentation, leaving around 4g of sugar per 100ml. Sugar is necessary for the water kefir grains to grow and produce the beneficial probiotics and enzymes.

Q. I'm new. How much water kefir should I take?

A. Water kefir is mild and you can take up to 1 bottle (330ml) a day. Beginners may experience some gas or bloating but it will pass quickly.

Q. When should I take water kefir?

A. You can take it anytime during the day, on full or empty stomach.

Q. How much water kefir should I take a day? What is the maximum amount?

A. 1 bottle of water kefir a day will be enough to maintain a healthy gut. For specific issues such as IBS, you may drink up to 1L a day.

Q. Does water kefir contain alcohol?

A. Water kefir contains a trace amount of alcohol due to the fermentation from the yeasts. It starts around 0.5% (which is considered non-alcoholic by Food Safety standards) but due to the fruit flavouring the alcohol level may rise over time to about 1%.

Q. Can children take water kefir? How much should they take?

A. Children can take water kefir but it is recommended that they take fresh water kefir (within 5 days of production) and only 100ml per day as the alcohol level tends to rise up to 1% at the end of 3 weeks.

Q. Is water kefir suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers?

A. As above, due to the slight alcohol content, it is recommended to take only fresh water kefir and in small quantities.

Q. Is water kefir safe for diabetics?

A. Water kefir contains about 4-5g of sugar per 100ml depending on the flavor, and so we recommend diabetics to consult their doctor before taking water kefir.

Q. How long does water kefir keep?

A. Water kefir keeps well in the fridge, but we recommend to consume within 4-6 weeks for the freshest flavour.

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