Miss Kefir specializes in kefir and other natural probiotics that help balance our gut health, improve our immune system, and maintain our overall well-being.

Milk kefir is a cultured milk drink similar to yogurt, but with over 35 strains of beneficial bacteria and yeasts. Originating over a thousand years ago in the Caucasus Mountains south of Russia, it was considered the secret to longevity and good health.

At Miss Kefir, we make our kefir the traditional way in small batches to give you the richest and freshest source of good bacteria and yeasts. We use fresh milk from Australia which is certified free from hormones and antibiotics. Our kefir soda and kombucha are fermented from filtered water and organic cane sugar.

Drop by our outlet at East Coast Telok Kurau for samples and learn more about how kefir, water kefir and kombucha can help you grow healthier naturally.


Milk Kefir white background.jpg

Milk Kefir

probiotic cultured milk, unsweetened

Kefir Soda white background.jpg

Kefir Soda

made with organic cane sugar and fruits


Raw Kombucha

long ferment probiotic tea


Kefir Parfaits

with fresh fruits and granola

Kefir Smoothies

deliciously refreshing and natural

frozen kefir soft serve

Kefir Soft Serve

healthy low-sugar treat


— Anastasia

“Just visited this morning - brilliant tasting milk kefir, friendly staff, and even our son loves it! Hoping to come back for regular refills.”


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